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The arboriculture field is a diverse field that has many different opportunities in it. With the increasing numbers of companies joining it, it is important to protect customer’s lives. This is done by providing accreditation to companies that have sufficient experience and staff to provide quality service.

The Arboricultural Association (ARB) has a comprehensive program that tree surgeons in Bedford Area have to take to be fully qualified. Once approved, the company becomes capable of working with local governments. To become Arboricultural Association approved, tree surgeons in Bedford Area have to show competence in over 60 detail criteria that cover the following four areas:

1. Worksite Safety Standards

This is the most critical area of knowledge required as it tests the tree surgeons in Bedford Area understanding of the field of arboriculture safety procedures. This covers the following key areas, among others:

• Confirming that tree surgeon is Bedford Area climbing, rigging and ground based operations such as section felling are done using according to industry standards and with proper safety precautions taken.

• Confirming whether the vehicles, fire fighting equipment, tools and equipment such as chainsaws being used by tree surgeons in Bedford Area meet the industry regulations

2. Work Quality and Arboriculture Knowledge

Tree surgeons applying for the ARB qualification are further inspected on:

• Their knowledge base on pollarding, tree planting and removal, crown thinning, lifting and reduction and their understanding of the guides and standards that are put in place for when carrying out the above.

• The quality of work they do must also be shown to a ARB approved individual who will witness the tree surgeons in Bedfordshire Area at work and rate them.

3. Customer Care and Office Procedures

ARB approved tree surgeons in Bedford Area undergo a vigorous testing on their customer care customs and the office procedures followed. This involves:

• Confirming their quotations, debt collection, complaints handling, terms and conditions and office set up among other items

• Establishing the Insurance covers are up to date and are sufficient

• Checking that tree surgeons in Bedford Area follow all the wildlife, ecology and biosecurity policies set in place.

4. Health and Safety Management

The dangers facing tree surgeons in Bedford Area is enormous, and so there are strict guidelines in place to protect both the tree surgeons and their clients. This section of the ARB qualification covers:

• Risk assessment, working at height procedures, fire hazard processes, and signs among others.

• Checking training of tree surgeons staff, stores and workshops facilities and where
applicable, yard services.

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