Intensive Driving Norwich

It is important for your child to learn to drive as soon as they are old enough. Do not, however, send them to the first intensive driving Norwich school you come across. These schools are different today than they were in your day so you have to choose carefully. You want your child to learn from the best so here is what you should be looking for:

•    The success rate of the school comes first. Do not be afraid to inquire about student performance – ask them what percentage of their students gets their licenses after they take the test for the first time.

•    If your child is a fast learner you should find a driving school that has an intensive driving course. This is a course that runs for between 15 and 30 hours but imparts all the skills necessary for one to become a good driver. Your child will be in the car with an instructor throughout but you can give them additional practice when they come home.

•    Ask for a breakdown of the fees for the course. There are some driving schools that sneak in hidden costs and you may end up paying for unnecessary items.

•    Good driving schools provide additional study resources such as video and books so that students can study in their own time. They also give one or two mock exams so that students can have a feel of what the real thing will be like. You may be asked to pay extra for these but they are worth it.

One driving school that you can trust to teach your child how to drive safely is Chilled Driving Tuition. They have both regular and Norwich intensive driving courses for a reasonable fee. They also have top notch instructors so you can trust that your child will be in safe hands. You can find out more on t6heir website,

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